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The Game (1997) – By Martin Chittenden – DCN Movies Film Expert

The Game (1997)
Underrated Movies Special
By Martin Chittenden

I’m a huge David Fincher fan, He is a brilliant director and his films have a hard and visceral quality to them that slaps you in the face and makes you pay attention.  He has been going since the 90’s and The Game was his 3rd theatrical film in 1997.  His first was Alien 3 which was terrible and then Fincher did Se7en, which set the standard for psychological horror movies since.  Then Fincher did The Game, I was a teen at the time and I went to the theater and watched one of Fincher’s underrated movies unfold and it was great.
The Game is about Nicholas Van Orton, an Investment Banker with no life and no feeling for others.  His 48th birthday is here and it was the same birthday that his father committed suicide at.  Nicholas is a harsh and brutal businessman with no empathy and only cares about money.  His brother, Conrad, gives him a gift from CRS, Consumer Recreation Services, Nicholas dismisses it as an escort service but Conrad says it is a profound life changing experience.  Nicholas is hesitant and by meeting new members of his club he gets more questions than answers about what the Game is.

Nicholas goes to CRS and takes a battery of physical and mental exams and then goes about his life.  First CRS calls him and tells him he is not eligible to play the Game, but when he arrives home there is a life sized wooden clown in his driveway, dressed much like his father was the day he committed suicide, and in the same position and place as his father.  I won’t continue because if you haven’t seen it, then I don’t want to spoil everything.  Let’s just say that the movie gets weirder and Nicholas is unsure if it is a Game or a way to try and steal his money and kill him.

David Fincher is a master storyteller and a fantastic director.  His films have a unique signature and he is a perfectionist.  His style is much more terrifying and visceral than other directors of any genre.  His first film, Alien 3 had a director’s cut which if watched was a whole different movie.  There were issues with the studio over the final cut and Fincher’s vision was cast to the side.  Watching the Director’s Cut of Alien 3 is way better and an actual David Fincher film.  I lie in wait for the next Fincher project and religiously see it no matter what it is. I love his style and is in my top 5 Directors List.

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