Jul 01

Movies I am looking forward to in 2017

Here is my list

  1. Black Panther – Let’s just face it Marvel does super hero movies better than DC. Although DC did get it right with Wonder Woman. Marvel has a “fun” style to its movies. Critics seem to prefer movies with “layers” or a darker tone but fans just want a decent plot and a fun experience.
  2. The Last Jedi – This is totally a saga driven series. I really want to know what happens to Rey after she hands the lightsaber to Luke. I also want to know what the hell Luke has been up to all these years. To be honest, Luke Skywalker sucked as a Jedi, his force knowledge was amateur at best but that was at a time when there wasn’t many teachers to learn from. Fin looked like he knew more than Luke did at the time.
  3. Spider-Man: Homecoming- The chances of this being a bad movie are slim. I want it to be better than it looks so far. It looks alright but you have to wonder about the PLOT. We already know the special effects will be on point (Tony Stark/Iron Man is in the movie) but you need to commit to a straight line because we don’t need an origin story, because we already know the story (unless they are going to change or modify it)
  4. Thor: Ragnarok – That scene with Thor and the Hulk fighting is what I want to see the most.
  5. The Six Billion Dollar Man – I will admit, I’m old enough to have seen the Six Million Dollar Man on TV with Lee Majors. Mark Wahlberg is taking on the title character now and he is also producing the movie. Yes, this is a nostalgia play, but in order to do a big screen movie based on a 70’s TV show there has to be a balance between humor and plot in order to be successful. If you look at movies like the A-Team the reason why it failed is because you never really believed they were a team.