Sep 17

Hit or Flop? A Look Back on the 2016 Summer Box Office

Alright, now that the summer movie season is finished let’s take a minute to talk about what a movie needs to do at the box office to warrant a sequel or to be considered a box office hit or a flop. To be honest, the 2016 summer was dull to say the least. Nothing really stood out and made you HAVE to go to the movies. I think movie studios are waiting for “dead times” to release big budget movies when they feel there is less competition.

The biggest movie was (as expected) Captain America: Civil War. With a production budget of 250 million it grossed 1.15 billion. The general rule of thumb is a movie has to gross 2x the production budget worldwide to make a profit. Civil War made 4x the budget so it is a good bet that you will see many more Marvel movies.

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Finding Dory: Since we are not sure as of today how much the production cost was, it is a safe bet to say it was about 200 million. Worldwide gross was 950 million so that is 3.5x the budget so expect the Pixar/Disney money train to keep rolling along.

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The Angry Birds Movie: I wanted this to flop so badly, but the masses proved me wrong again. The production budget was 73 million, worldwide gross 346 million. That is 4.7x the budget, so don’t be surprised if you see Angry Birds 2.

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Bad Moms:  Production budget was only 20 million as of September 17th worldwide gross 152 million so that’s 7.6x the budget and still counting. You better believe there will be Bad Moms 2 at some point.

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Suicide Squad:  Production budget of 175 million, worldwide gross to date 708 million, 4x the budget equals Suicide Squad 2.  

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Star Trek Beyond: Production budget 185 million, worldwide gross 320 million that equals a 1.7x the budget (remember the general rule of thumb). This isn’t good considering the movie was expected to make much more. Also the movie sucked, so that didn’t help much either. So it is 50/50 on if they will make another one.

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All of this brings me to the history lesson for the week, remember the Blair Witch Project (July 1999)?  If not, here are the numbers: production budget 60k, worldwide gross 248 million that equals a 4,134x profit. Yep, that is 4 thousand! So it should come as no surprise that Blair Witch (the real sequel) is now out in theaters. This movie is carrying a 5 million dollar production budget, so if we see an opening weekend of 10 million, we will see another Blair Witch in the near future (heaven help us all).

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