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2016 Oscars – Martin Chittenden – DCN Movies Film Expert

2016 Oscars

By Martin Chittenden

First off, I personally don’t think the Academy has had a coherent thought since Titanic won best picture.  I looked into it and the MPAAA (Motion Pictures Academy of Arts and Sciences) is comprised of the very people who make, act, produce and finance movies.  As we all know that Hollywood people are insane, and also that most of the time they only watch submitted segments of movies for consideration.  So at any given time, these insane people are basing an entire film off of a 15 minute scene from the movie itself.  There are over 4000 members of the Academy so it’s probable that at least 60% of them are in their right mind.

For me, a Best picture award SHOULD be the film of that year that has no flaws, plot or technically, that the story is good and presented well, and that it enhances our understanding of the human condition or alters it for the betterment of the art itself.  In my humble opinion, Titanic did not meet most of that criterion.  Yet, it was an okay film in its own right.  If I were running the Board of Directors of the MPAAA, I would have a public voting of their favorite film and tabulate those votes into the votes of the Academy thus granting the people who watch and bring money to the pockets of the artists and what-have-you involved in the selection process.

                So here are the nominees for best picture for this year’s Oscars:


The Big Short


Bridge of Spies




Mad Max: Fury Road


The Martian


The Revenant







To be honest, I haven’t seen most of these films, I did see Mad Max: Fury Road and I was surprised it was even nominated.  Quick review: I felt like there was information that I had to already know to understand the movie.  I saw Mel Gibson’s back in the day but that was 25 years ago.  I thought it was great action but not best picture material.  The others I’ve heard about and watched the trailers.  My pick for best Picture is a toss-up between The Big Short or Spotlight, both are true stories about real -life events that affected the lives of millions of people, but, knowing how politicized the Oscars are nowadays  I’m sure either Brooklyn or Room would win. Being that one is about an immigrant and the other is about a woman and child who don’t leave a room.



Bryan Cranston, Trumbo

Matt Damon, The Martian

Leonardo DiCaprio, The Revenant

Michael Fassbender, Steve Jobs

Eddie Redmayne, The Danish Girl


Best actor this year is tough.  All are excellent actors in their own right.  I’m sure there is a big push for Leo to get it, since he has been snubbed for quite some time.  My personal pick is Bryan Cranston, I just love him in anything he does.  The academy will probably pick Eddie Redmayne because he plays a transgender person in a time in history when that was frowned upon with extreme predjudice.  Again, politics come ito play here.



Cate Blanchett, Carol

Brie Larson, Room

Jennifer Lawrence, Joy

Charlotte Rampling, 45 Years

Saoirse Ronan, Brooklyn


Jennifer Lawrence has already won an Oscar, but she’s a Hollywood darling. Cate Blanchett is a powerful actress and is good in everything she does.  I’m rooting for Charlotte Rampling.  She’s been acting for at least 40 years and this is her first nomination and she’s very good at her craft.  The academy will most likely pick Brie Larson.


I could go on about the other categories but I really don’t have a dog in this fight this year.  I doubt I’ll even watch them this year because I haven’t been the active moviegoer I used to be.  Just about a month ago the Academy was punished in the media for not having any black actors/actresses/directors so I’m not feeling the magic of movies this year, plus I don’t think 2015 was a good Oscar year.  Pretty much everything was dwarfed by Star Wars. 

One film in particular that wasn’t even nominated for anything, which I thought should have been somewhere in the nominees as Mr. Holmes.  Sir Ian McKellan plays the old detective and even though I haven’t seen the whole thing, I believe it probably should at least have been nominated.  No one can argue that Sir Ian is not one of the best actors in history and I thought the small film itself should be mentioned because it is something for the young and old to enjoy. 


So to make my Oscar special, that you’ve read and either enjoyed or hated, completely useless, I will end with this statement; We don’t need the MPAAA to tell us what the best picture or actor or actress was this year.  You don’t even need me to tell you, because whatever movie you liked best this year, whether it be Star Wars, Deadpool, any of the nominees, it is your choice to say what YOUR best film was.  Movies for me are personal, they speak with me on a level that is only for me.  That is what they are really for.  The movie-makers’ opinions are their own and they have a valid point but your favorite movie of 2015 is the Best Picture for you.


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